The steep and beautiful Tzoumerka, where there are just ups and downs, started for the fourteenth year the weekend of May Day, the struggle for lovers of this terrain, the feat Tzoumerka 2015, under the auspices of the Municipality of Central Tzoumerkon.
Start and finish of the races was the village Agnanta Arta.
The long runs were for young athletes and require a lot of experience in the mountain environment, but for those we had planned on short trips (fun race) where one could get a strong taste of the game and the massif of the region.
Start and finish of the race was the village Agnanta Arta.
There was the possibility of the struggle to make a single mountain biking (BIKE), or trail running (RUN) or both events together.

11209639_752161831565954_4556712313005212378_n-300x199-300x300He also could choose which of the two routes mountain biking (bike) wanted to do, which simultaneously took place Friday and which of the two paths mountain running (run) wanted to do, which simultaneously took place Sunday.
The Tzoumerka  feat of 2015 was two events (bike + run), with option on long journeys.
Big winner for another year was Peter Tyrologos, with a total time 5h4056.
Tin Mayday were the struggles of mountain biking Tzoumerka feat of 2015, in which participated 60 athletes. The long stroke marathon 45 kilometers were very demanding and technical as it suits mtb and the region.
Shortly before the start, the group of children with percussion from Arta, the KrotalArta gave a rhythm rock and "warmed up" athletes.
 Fire took the paths of Tzoumerka by the tires of "creaming" of riders tried their forces in the most
run-athlos-tzoumerkon-2015-150-300x199-300x300 special event is for … .only few.
Really up to see Peter Tyrologo, last year's winner and favorite of the race, passing the finish line I did not know what would become of the pressure and pressure mainly in 2/3 of the race by Kostas and Yannis Orfanoudaki Matthaiaso.
Very close was Christos Mylonas Panagiotis Drakontaeidis, Kostas Bouka, the Sylvia Gkompel, Thanasis Koukoulieros, Vassilis Vitzilaios, Kyriakos Konstantakopoulos Costas Matis, Nontas Lamprakopoulos Nikos Roditis.
bike-athlos-tzoumerkon-2015-222-300x1991-300x300At the same time it became the race of 17 km, which was the last part of the long stroke. Pleasant was the fact that several young riders participated from POARTAS.
The first trio consisted of Dimitris Stefanou, Ulysses Koukiesi and Lambros Fletouri.
The afternoon became the prize in mountain biking (BIKE) by the categories that were formed per route and were awarded the three best athletes, with specially designed trophy from Bizart galleries the first winner and the other medals. Also commemorative medals were given to all participants.
 On Sunday became the mountain running competitions in which participated 63 athletes. The
run-athlos-tzoumerkon-2015-8-300x1991-300x300run-athlos-tzoumerkon-2015-8-300x199antidimarchos Mr. Fotios Chachoulis welcomed the athletes and gave startup. The long route was 23 km and the small 11.7 km from 10 originally planned. He finished first in the 23 km Peter Tyrologos, while in 11,7 km first was Thanassis Kouris.
At noon Sunday, the awards were made in mountain running (RUN) in accordance with the classes were formed per route and were awarded the three best athletes, with specially designed trophy from Bizart galleries the first winner and the other medals.

bike-athlos-tzoumerkon-2015-37-300x199-300x300Commemorative medals were given to all participants and calendars National Park Tzoumerka.
Awards On Sunday attended by: Deputy Mayor of Central Tzoumerka Karydis Mr. Claus and Vice National Park Tzoumerka Mr. Athanasios bazooka.
We thank the supporters of our race were: central tzoumerka the Tsiamantas Constantine, the Tzoumerka National Park,,, http: / /, oven Christos Arvanitis, the taverns: Tzoumerka, Panorama.
Also to thank the group of people from the village, who supported the struggle as judges, their KrotalArta and all children of the village were active early and were at their posts as indicators until the end of the games.
Stay tuned for the Tzoumerka feat 2016.MTB-RESULTS-ATHLOS-TZOYMERKON
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