Spring Equinox (III-4-M2-400m).

A new line, which probably constitutes the first winter, opened to (A) the slope of the Tzoumerka.I Kriakoura route was completed with good snow-ice conditions by N.Roditi -G.Panago on 21/03/15 to try which altogether lasted 17 hours.
This is a severe snow-ice route passes vertically in half of the eight rope.

11127886_1419101618394875_1476403519_n-300x225-300x300The access and the return is time-consuming and demanding as the effort initiated by the Fairy village in 1100.
The first attempt was made in December 2014 by Law. Roditis -F.Valatso and Ch.Chantzi -E.Kardara, when he opened the first 3 rope with little snow and more mixed passages.
It is characteristic that the materials left in R2-R3 in the first attempt was not found because it was buried in snow.
-1ⁿ Ropes climbed without locking means as much of this was met by snow and there was a mixed difficulty passing M2 shortly before the relay, which is right to a great kordoneto left in the initial effort.
-2ⁿ Ropes55 with a snow field 55 -60 degrees and the relay was left on the wall with physical fuses (F.A)
-3ⁿ Ropes 40 starts with the right crossbar and then goes on snow-ice wall of 85 degrees. Straight up is the tree, the branches of which prevents the passage and the output was from left wall 85 degrees with good ice, the further it 60 degrees and snow gully relay rock right with (F.A).
-4ⁿ Ropes 50 is an easy snow field 55 degrees and the relay is in the center of the gutter and the base of a rocky wall.
-5ⁿ 60m ropes starts to the left upright passage ice 80 degrees and continues straight onto equally steep and narrow couloir of ice.

11128735_1419101601728210_693651653_n-300x262-300x300The slope falls for a while and then one last pass 80 degrees.
The relay is right in rock (F.A).
At the beginning of the rope nuts placed left and right of the passes while necessary is 2-3 pagovides.
-6 ⁿ ropes easily 55 degrees snow field without insurable rock .The relay is right on the rock as high as possible close to the ice falls.
-7 ⁿ ropes 60m reason poor quality ice falls moved left to narrow demanding ice couloir 85 degrees for several counts.
Thereafter the slope drops to 60 degrees to rock right where he is because the relay is almost over the rope.
-8 ⁿ ropes 50 is an easy 55 degrees snow field first and then 40 degrees to where he leads us on the ridge left of characteristic monolith.
The return was originally made on the ridge direction (N) until we find snow slope that lowers our diagonally to smooth gully from where the return is based on the (A) side.
The general difficulty appreciate the circumstances which took place in (III-4-M2-400m)
Required materials. A complete set of nuts three middle friend (0,75-1-2) 2 3 pagovides blades and belts.
There were materials in the route.

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