The mountain biking is a sport in which the athlete – rider drives a bicycle (mountain bike) specially developed for off-road trails in the nature, a treacherous forest roads and trails.
It requires very good physical condition, endurance, balance, autonomy and -of course- biking skills. Also, often required by the cyclist, the reparability of the bicycle during a failure. The technique in cycling usually learned from a very young age.
The Greece is ideal for mountain biking, almost all year round and especially in spring – summer – autumn. Geographically, offers a multitude of trails and forest roads, where one can enjoy mountain biking, all slopes and all soils.
The mountain biking includes:
Routes strength (cross country): They include varied terrain with ascent and descent, natural obstacles, action on all parameters. This type of mountain biking is the only one included in the Olympic program (men and women) from the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996.
Downhill (Downhill): Adrenaline is in red. The equipment technology and technical riders leave you speechless.
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