View comments students enrolled in our schools or synathliton and friends who participated in fights organized.
“The only sure thing is that those who will participate will taste a sweet suffering …”
Indian Runner, 5/12/2010,
“By far the most exciting fight I’ve participated. Beyond the unique beauty of landscapes, which praised the speakers to mention the repeated alternations terrain and slopes that lent diversity on the run, and the friendly atmosphere that prevailed before and during the race. “
fanismb, 5/12/2010,

“It really was a very handsome race !!!! Congratulations to the organizers “
bakich, 5/12/2010,

“The year ended at last in a winter scene. Indeed, the route from the 5th to the 12th was almost magical and had it all. The successive passages of majestic streams (I did not understand why only left my leg fell through at one stage I said to rain and right to balance) pigoules and water everywhere, monopatodromous ala Rodopi elatoskepasta trails, meadows on high (which we saw first, fix lighting issues to fall on our faces), stealthily glossy leaves fallen who hid well shiny stones and generally easy route without steep slopes to run and to enjoy it. Race purely for outing, pareoula and fun, a must for the season! Mainalo has a large number of paths and after the last work done by SAOO for their signaling, offers an inexhaustible field both on the west side (we went the route) and in the central. Well done to the organizers, it was all very well. “
ttsog, 5/12/2010,

“Great time, not wait for the next SK …”
E. Theodoropoulou Schoolgirl School mountaineering novice RFOs, 2010

“It was terrible gang, awesome shelter, awesome scenery, great experience …”
A. Doll Schoolgirl School mountaineering novice SAOO, 2009

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