In the beautiful steep Tzoumerka Epirus, in an effort to highlight the natural and environmental beauty of the area and our grandfather's memory and postman Costas Costas, organized for the second year, under the auspices of the Municipality of Central Tzoumerka Sunday on 01.18.2015 The hardest marathon race 42 kilometers, called PATH postcode.
Even Half Marathon race was 23 kilometers as well as small game (fun race) 7 km, with common starting and ending the village Agnanta Arta.

Δρόμος-του-Ταχυδρόμου-2015-18-300x225-300x30050 athletes, found in rainy weather, the starting line on Sunday morning ,.
At 11:00 they were given the boot as heard from the mouth of the current Mr. postman. Ziavra once again the sound of the postal bagpipe.
The A marathon race route was 42 km and 1225m.ypsometrikis dispute.
Starting the Agnanta runners crossed the majestic western side of Tzoumerka southerly direction asphalt path with little traffic, in the forests.
They passed through the villages and settlements Sgara Upper Graikiko, cocoons, Gouriana, Lower Graikiko, Lepiana, Mikrospilia, Waterfall, to end at Agnanta.
DIMITRIS DEREKAS came first to the finish line, with a new course record, in a time of 3: 10: 47.52.
In second place followed by FOTIS LIONTOS with 3: 15: 29.834 and finished third the EYAGGELOS BALATSOS with 3: 44: 9680.
The B route was 23 km Half Marathon race and 690m.
Starting the Agnanta runners followed asphalt path going through the villages and settlements, Sgara, Waterfall, to end at Agnanta.
First past the finishing line the ACHILLES DIMAKOS with a time of 1: 43: 35.324.
Was second KOSTAS MATSOUKAS with 1: 45: 56.10 and third party PAPPAS VASILEIOS with 1: 53: 20.964.
time 2:03:34.
C. The route (fun race) included seven kilometers and 200 meters. height difference and in fact was a beautiful round of Agnanta.
First cut the thread finish ALEXANDER DIMAKOS with the time 0: 28: 34.354.
In second place was the PERIKLIS ASPROUDIS with 0: 29: 57.234 and in third place was KOSTAS KOUVARDAS with time 0: 30: 34.974.

Δρόμος-του-Ταχυδρόμου-2015-48-300x225-300x300There where refueling stations at the 4th km on the 7th km, at the 10th km to 13th km to 16th km to 19th km, at 23 Km, at the 26th km to 30th km at 34th km to 39th km with cool water, tea, oranges, marshmallows and BAR WISH energy bars which improved the glycogen giving power to those who gefontousan.
A rich table with grilled chicken Arta, traditional pies of the ladies of the village and delicious buns melomakarona and expect their athletes to the finish.
Eating supplement their energy and refreshed from the source of Agnanta square with the icy waters.
Then at noon Sunday followed by awards in the lower square Agnanta a merry festive atmosphere.

Δρόμος-του-Ταχυδρόμου-2015-54-300x225-300x300The winners were awarded prizes separately creating company Bizart, as all were awarded a special medal finish as a little reward for their great effort.
In ceremonies attended by: Mr. Mayor Central Tzoumerka. Garnelis Marino, Deputy Mayor k.Chachoulis Fotios, Deputy Mayor Ms. Karagiannis Litsa, the chairman of the local council Agnanta k.Kontogeorgos Christopher, Ms. Humic Konstantina spokesman Management Body of park Tzoumerka, the president the cultural association 'The Agnanta "Mr. Goulas Angel, and the postman of the village, Mr. Ziavras George, whom Thank attended their awards athletes. Thank fraternity AGNANTIO Athens for the financial support of the event.
Supporters of this organization was the company Arta chickens, the company Bizart, energy bars that wish bars, tavern "Tzoumerka", the bakery Christos Arvanitis, the cafe Demetrius Skoulikariti, Aristotle and Konstantina Toumbouris.

Δρόμος-του-Ταχυδρόμου-2015-62-300x225-300x300We also thank those who helped and covered filling stations in the villages: Mr.. Giapro Evangelos station Upper Greeks, Mr.. George Bouras and Ms. Fanny Giannakoulis in Gouriana, Mr.Stampampa Nikolaos in Makrykampo station, the cafe in the square of Lepiana and Ms. Arvanitis, Mr. Triantafyllou Babis at Skotomenos station , Ms. Fay’s Coffe shop in Waterfall, and the ladies Vassiliki Anastasiou, Stavroula Papakitsos, Kassiani Mitsiou.
We thank them warmly villagers Mr. Charilaos Constans, Mr. Dimitrios Koukos, ka.Roula Massiali, Mr. Vassilios Tatsis, ka.Voula Kostoulas who helped as judges and indicators, and the Rescue EDOPA L.E.K Preveza section on valuable help and excellent cooperation.

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