Climbing is human activity, in which the body uses in such a way as to rise up higher on solid surfaces. Within this action of man, not motorized means are used and the traffic is produced solely by natural forces and abilities.
It is an innate instinctive our dexterity, which comes from prehistory, when primitive man anarrichountan in cliffs or trees, to find refuge from their enemies. In today’s man is the instinct that makes the baby n ‘go up in an armchair, while still has not started to walk.
On the rocks of Meteora, the inhabitants of ancient Eginio states that fled to the inaccessible rocks, to protect themselves from enemies of their time. Much later, in the 9th century AD We have reports of the first hermits who lived high up in the caves of the rocks.
Climbing is an activity that has sporty character. Nowadays it has grown both as a sport which is subject to regulations, as well as recreation. It is also developed in various fields of human labor. In Greece there are several mountaineering clubs members EOOA, that grow as a sport and as recreation.
Free climbing is called when the key equipment used for our safety in case of fall, not promotion.
In free climbing falls the agonistikianarrichisi, made in the form of competitions on artificial climbing surfaces and sport climbing done on rocks or artificial climbing surfaces for pleasure or improve physical fitness.
Called Artificial climbing when the basic equipment used for safety and promotion. In artificial climbing, all forms fall, used the basic equipment for promotion and in them is climbing working conditions.
Climbing rock, snow, ice, mixed
Depending on the type of solid surface climbing the climber, climbing is divided into rock climbing where the climber climbs in pure rock snow when the surface is snowy hillside ice when climbing is in ice water and mixed when included at least two of the above solid in climbing surface.
Solitary or schoinosyntrofia
All these climbing species, usually made in schoinosyntrofia two to three people.
But it can be done by an individual, solitary (lonely climbing). The solo climbing can be done with non-existent use of insurance instruments (free solo), which is not recommended.
Also in solitary climbing falls climbing into small blocks, to protect small mattresses on the likely drop point (boulder), or over deep water (deep water solo).
Climbing is a sport which, because of human exposure in height and gravity, embracing important for human life risks. For someone to deal with climbing, you must have gone through a training process through certified schools and have basic and auxiliary equipment.
We should respect scrupulously the safety rules and be familiar with the latest methods of using materials.
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