Countless combinations of forest roads and paths compose in the intense terrain of Tzoumerka, a painting  of unique beauty and variety for the trekking lovers.
There are routes  for all levels.P4170090-300x225-300x300
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Indicatively, some of them.
1. Strogoula ascent. The path  starts from Pramanta’s refuge and is marked throughout the route. At the beginning, it is quite smooth and wide, following west direction. Then it becomes steep along the northern slopes of Strogoula until it reaches the top.
Total time of ascent and descent route,  6 hours.
2. Crossing Strogoula. The ascent to the top is via  the same route, but then it follows the ridge towards the south, all the way up to the top of Roka. Afterwards, it goes west, passing the church of Ascension  and ends up in Agnanta. Total route time, 11 hours.
3. Matsouki – Kalarrites – Syrrako. The path starts from Matsouki with direction to the Monastery of Viliza, following a comfortable and renovated path. Then it crosses dense deciduous forests, going down to the Grand Stream. Going up, it meets the road leading to Kalarrites. Crossing the village, it continues towards to  Syrrako. This route can be done separately: Matsouki – Viliza Monastery and return (1 hour), Matsouki – Kalarrites (2,5 hours) and Kalarrites – Syrrako (1.5 hours).
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